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cosplay's Journal

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Cosplay @ LJ

     Welcome to the Cosplay community of LiveJournal! A community dedicated to the art of cosplay. Whether you are here to give or ask for advice, sell a coplay or two, give a tutorial, start a discussion, or just show off your most recent costume, we are open to any of it! We like to think of this place as a resource for the cosplay community in general to come to when needing something in particular.

     We're a very mellow, friendly place and try to keep drama to a minimum. We strive to make CosplayLJ a place where cosplayers of all ages are able to come together and discuss a hobby that we all (hopefully) love.

     Because we like to keep this place running as smoothly as possible, there are a few rules we enforce.

     1. Posting anything that goes against the LiveJournal Terms of Service Agreement will get you banned instantly. If you are unfamiliar with the ToS, it's suggested that you do read it, since you have to agree to it to have a LJ. We emphasize the member conduct section, especially.

     2. This community is rated PG. There are people of all ages in this community, so please be careful of what types of images you post of your cosplay or the language used.

     3. No off-topic posts! There are well over 4,500 members of this community, and we get a large influx of posts during con-season; we don't need any spam. This includes, but is not limited to: introduction posts, cleaning out your anime/manga/video game/etc. collection, inquiries about a convention's staff conduct, your costume line-up for an upcoming con or plans for a con weekend, starting fundraisers, or anything else that isn't cosplay related. This includes one-liner posts that are vague/unhelpful. It doesn't matter if you put "OT" in the subject line, your post will be deleted immediately.

     4. Behavior meant to start fights will not be tolerated. Most times, people know they're posting something like this before doing it. However, we'll say this: Please use common sense when posting. Before posting, think if there is a possibility of the entry offending people. If the answer is 'yes', you should revise your post or just forgo posting it entirely.

     5. Discussion of personal motives behind cosplay is not allowed. Whether you're doing it because you love the character, love the designs, enjoy sewing, you like the attention, or because you're bored; we don't need a post dedicated to it. Every time the topic comes up, it ends up becoming a huge drama storm. Due to this, it has become a taboo subject. Along with not being allowed to post about it, harassing people about it in comments is also not allowed.

     6. Please use common courtesy and tact while posting.

     7. If you are having problem with a costume-maker, please keep it between you and the commissioner. 99.9999999% of the time, no one knows what's happened to So-and-so, or why s/he isn't responding to your e-mails, or why you haven't gotten your costume yet. If, months and months later, you'd like to post a warning about a particular business, feel free, but please do it in a mature way.

     8. Please put all large images under a LJ-cut. Large images are considered anything over 450x450 pixels. If in doubt, use a LJ-cut! If you don't know how, there is an easy step-by-step process provided here! You may have a maximum of two images outside of a LJ-cut. Anything more than that must be under a cut.

     9. Advertising other communities or message boards is not allowed. Whether they're cosplay or costume related or not, we used to receive a large influx of spam for other communities/message boards. It clogs the community, and pushes relevant posts off the main page and peoples friends lists.

     10. Please only make posts with a point. One-liners, vague questions or observations, and requests for pictures are not appreciated. It's not a capitol offense, but please try and put some thought into your posts. All moderators and members truly appreciate it when you do.

     11. The selling of fleece "anime hats" and lolita/Japanese street fashion items is not allowed.

     12. Please tag your posts! After hitting 'Post' for an entry, you are given an option (at the bottom of the list) to edit the entry's tags. Please select any tag you think is relevant to your post. It makes it easier for new (and old!) members to navigate and find posts they really need. You can see a list of tags here, and a tutorial on how to tag posts here.

     13. Sales posts may only be posted once every two weeks. We allow sales posts from any member once every two weeks, and anything more frequent than that will be posted immediately. If you are a repeat offender of breaking this rule, you will be banned from the community.

     14. When you see a comment titled 'MOD' or 'MOD COMMENT', please be sure to read it. We don't always use the admin account, so make sure that you're watching out for comments with those titles, as the mods occasionally do use their personal journals! Please be aware; if you do not fill a mod request within 72 hours from the comment, your post will be deleted!

     15. The moderators reserve to right to make any on-the-fly decisions about post deletion and banishment. Because people never cease to amaze us with their new and original ways to be offensive.

     We'd also like to suggest that you have the option to receive comment notification via e-mail turned on. If you ever get a post of yours deleted, 99% of the time, the mod that did so will comment and tell you why. If you are not satisfied with the explanation you get, you are more than welcome to request further clarification. Mistakes can and do happen, so please, if you ever feel you've been done a great injustice, ask for help! Contact information is under the moderator header.


Your community moderators are as follows;
     ginnyseta, victims, and kurohaneshizumi.
     cosplay_admin is a journal used by all three mods at any given time.

     We are contactable through the community e-mail: cosplaylj(at)yahoo.com! It is checked throughout the day by the mod team, and the fastest way to get a response on any problem in the community.

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